The Minnesota Ballpark Authority seeks to ensure that the Ballpark is a world-class facility that adheres to high standards of sustainability, creates economic opportunity, and serves as an anchor for the development of a vibrant new district.



1. The Minnesota Ballpark Authority works to ensure that the Ballpark is designed, built and operated in a way that meets or exceeds the standards for community involvement and economic participation, environmental sustainability, and the prudent use of public funding.

2. The Minnesota Ballpark Authority uses designated resources to encourage and leverage investments by the private sector and other government agencies to maximize enhancements to the District to stimulate private investment, development and economic opportunity.

3. The Minnesota Ballpark Authority actively seeks to form partnerships with the public and private sector to envision and work toward the creation of a dynamic and enduring identity for the Ballpark District - that is meaningfully connected to adjoining neighborhoods.

The Ballpark is the foundation of an urban district that is economically vibrant, environmentally sustainable, and welcoming to those who live, work in, and visit the area.  As the Ballpark’s steward, the Minnesota Ballpark Authority seeks to collaborate with others to create a District that seamlessly integrates the ballpark with new transit lines and robust private development, creating opportunity for the surrounding community.